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2009-04-12 20:19:12 by FluffyKitteh

Anyone, you know, a little ashamed of them? like when i was younger i made some pretty stupid posts (just go back one page) kinda sucks. i sorta wish that I could delete them. anyone else? :\


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2009-04-13 01:34:54

Like This?

ok recently my sister comes into my room and starts taking wii stuff then i say " wait! i dont think i can trust you this time with taking wii stuff over to ur friends house since last time you and your friends broke like 2 wii motes." now first of all i am sicker than hell when this happened let alone she replied shut the hell up when i said that and she is 7 years old... then she ran off and tripped over some toys she left out =P and got scratched and blamed it on me. then my mom comes in and starts screamin at me and says some stuff then she says"YOUVE BECOME A LITTLE SH*T! and that made me sad and grounded me from almost everything!!!

FluffyKitteh responds:

yup just like that...


2009-04-13 01:44:56

hahahahahahaha you young people always talking with out thinking. The positive is now you know what you "would" or "wont say"
im glad for you
personally i wish i made more mistakes
its just no fun

keep a secret.. wait.. every one will read it... -_-'


2009-04-13 15:19:07

So delete them already. :/

FluffyKitteh responds:

delete them, you say? how?